The Sabbath: Poems and Prayers

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Michael Gurian’s five book Torah project is unique, as far as I know.  Gurian has written inspiring poetry in English for every chapter of the Torah, which can help renew Jewish spirituality, and help non-Jews, who are familiar with the Hebrew Bible, grow spiritually, and experience the beauty of God’s love.”

— Rabbi Stuart Altshuler, Chapman University

"Michael Gurian's readings and poetry provide the perfect means for lifting the spiritual needs and desires of our congregation.  Part of the special appeal of the services built around these readings is increased congregational attendance, participation, and a heightened  temple experience.  Personally, I find that Gurian's work speaks to my soul in a way that rote traditional prayer often does not."

— Helene Paroff, former President, Temple Beth Shalom (Conservative)


The Sabbath is the holiest day of the week for Jews.  It is a day of prayer, contemplation, and discovery of God’s will within us.  It is a day so sacred, we are admonished not only to stop working, but to pray unceasingly.

The poems and prayers in this volume have become my companions during many Sabbath days.  Some of these pieces fit specific parts of Sabbath liturgy, and many of the pieces directly link to chapters and portions of the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) that provide spiritual grounding for Sabbath prayer.

Because everyone—Jew or non-Jew—feels the need, from deep within, for a Sabbath day, these poems and prayers are universal.  If you are Jewish, you might notice that many of the poems and prayers directly connect with the various parts of the Saturday service, all the way from beginning through Torah Service to the end (and even including blessings on wine and food).  If you are not Jewish, you might feel hints of a chronological order to the poems, and by the end of the book, I hope you’ll feel that something happened within you of a spiritual nature, even though you yourself are not following a specific Jewish format for Sabbath services.  Each of these pieces can speak, I hope, not just to the Jewish soul, but the human soul.

In writing these pieces, I have had the help of rabbis Jacob Izakson, Dov Gartenberg, and Stuart Altshuler.  My thanks go out to them for their advice and tutelage.  Many thanks also to Temple Beth Shalom in Spokane and the other synagogues, churches, and fellowships, Jewish and Christian, that have used these pieces.

"The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.  It is the source of all true science and art."       

Albert Einstein

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Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath

Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

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Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath


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