Proposal for Camp Funding

If you are a Jewish camp looking for language for gaining funding for Gurian Institute Professional Development, we hope this language from the LA Jewish Federation is helpful.

Boys in Camp Staff Training Proposal

Camp Alonim, Camp Ramah, JCA Shalom and the Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps have collaborated for several years to share best practices and improve the field of Jewish camping. A challenge we all share is the recruitment and retention of male campers. Each camp has made strides in this area by increasing their sports offerings and training staff to better care for their young boys in the hopes of attracting male campers and enticing them to return summer after summer.

.We believe that the next step in this growth process is to bring in an expert staff trainer to help our counselors, specialists and professional staff to better understand what boys need in the camp setting and how we can better meet these needs. Thanks to the Engagement Pillar of the Jewish Federation, we all had the pleasure of learning from Adie Goldberg (right) of the Gurian Institute, a social worker of over 25 years who utilizes scientific studies of brain development in educational settings. We propose to bring Adie Goldberg to each of our camps during our individual staff training days. She will teach workshop sessions that are tailored to each camps’ unique needs in order to provide counselors, programmers and administrators with the tools to make camp an attractive place for boys of all ages and stages of life.

By the end of this training, we hope that our staff will be able to:

  • Better attend to the basic daily needs of young male campers such as hygiene, letter writing, sunscreen, etc.
  • Create an emotionally safe bunk culture that is free of bullying and taunting for all types of camper personalities
  • Design programs that spark and keep boys’ attention
  • Role model positive male behavior for our campers.

Potential workshop topics include:

  • Meeting the emotional needs of boys in the cabin
  • Best practices on engaging boys in camp programming
  • Specific issues surrounding adolescent boys for teen advisors.

• • •

Approximately 400 total staff members will participate in these training workshops. These staff will then go on to serve approximately 3,000 campers over the course of summer 2010.

• • •


Dear Adie, On behalf of us all, I would like to thank you again for the amazingand engaging workshop you put on this morning. Our tzevet benefited greatly from your insights and we will continue to reflect on thematerial provided and the conversations we discussed. Thank you again. We also appreciate your offer to be in touch during the summer if issues arise.

Take care!
Adam Titchner
Director Counselor in Training Program

• • •


Adie's presentation is making the staff rethink "the way we do it" using facts as a basis for change.

Andrea Cohen, Director Hilltop Camp, WTBC

Someone is saying what I know and have been trying to say for years. I can continue on my path with a better understanding of boys and girls. Thank you so much, I hope this will allow us to do a better job with our evening programming.

Marla Elliott, Arts and Crafts Director Wilshire Blvd Temple Camps
Early Childhood Educator

It was fascinating to learn about the differences an male/female biology and wiring in the brain. (I will) try to use some of the strategies in my programming at camp this summer.

                                       — Danielle Rodnizki. Songleader

Adie is awesome! I learned the biological reasoning behind the actions of both genders. I will now talk and converse differently with each gender.

                                         — Sara Young, Counselor

I appreciated all the concrete information and the awareness of the obvious but previously unnoticed difference. I will pay attention to the differences and social dynamics and handle situations differently this summer.

                                         — Aaron Coleman, Senior Staff

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Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath - the book by Michael Gurian

Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath - the book by Michael Gurian

Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath - the book by Michael Gurian

Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath - the book by Michael Gurian

Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover


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