The Gurian Institute has been honored to work with diverse Christian communities, churches, and schools.  If you would like to bring a staff member to your community, or send your own staff to our summer institute in Colorado Springs, contact our executive director, Kathy Stevens, at  For more information, you can also visit

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“The Following Jesus Discipleship Programs for boys and girls that we are creating together will not only help the families in our Community of Grace church in Arizona, but families and churches worldwide.  Our mission is to create a one year confirmation program that inspires our young adults in ways similar to a bar or bat mitzvah Jewish children experience on their way to adulthood, but in a Christian context, for Christian boys and girls of 12 – 14, and with discipleship to Jesus as the long-term goal.”

Pastor Tim Wright, Peoria, Arizona.

“Please check out our boy-friendly and girl-friendly Sunday School Programs.  We appreciated all we learned from your books and at your summer institute in creating these new programs for boys and girls.”

Pastor Harold Bullock and Deborah Bullock, Ft. Worth, Texas

I have just finished WHAT COULD HE BE THINKING? and would like to commend you for an excellent and helpful book.  I will recommend it to my friends, my parishioners and my colleagues.

Pastor Thomas LaMothe, Greenport, N.Y.


Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover

The Sabbath - the book by Michael Gurian

Ancient Wisdom Modern Words book cover


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